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port de riberoux

The town is not very far from the beaches but it is a very quiet town. The weather is very warm and the sunshine hours are important. Late autumn is always pleasant. The inhabitants are called “Saujonnais and Saujonnaises.
Saujon is situated at the end of the Seudre Estuary (the Seudre is the smallest river in Europe and it is a hub between the coast, Arvert area, the river Seudre in the West and the roman area in the East.
In the past the first bridge on the river Seudre was in Saujon. Since the end of the 19th century Saujon has been a famous thermal spa which is a part of the continental band of the "Beauty Coast".

Activities and cultural heritage

   place centre ville chateau balade le ong du port

Saint Jean Baptiste church was built between 1679 and 1683. Its style is very sober. This monument is composed of an only nave with two chapels at its sides. The church has not got many decorations but four capitals from an ancient roman church and consacrated to Saint Martin have been put on columns and incorporated into the nave in 1912. The outside of the building is very sober too : only some sculptures which represent suns which are the traditional symbol of king Louis XIV period decorate the front and the steeple. In 2007 the church was restored and it has now got its original style. The steeple has got three bells : one of them is classified among the historic monuments.

The first castle of the town was built in 1475 for the knight whose name was Olivier de Coëtivy Seneschal of Guyenne and Lord of Saujon. Samuel de Campet became the owner in 1683 and he ordered the rebuilding of the castle to turn the old medieval fortress into an attractive residence. The current building has got architectural elements from this period, but it was modified in the 19th century.

The "Riberou" harbour is situated at the end of the Seudre Estuary. It is a little bit cut off the center of the town. It has a view over the wet meadows on the right bank . This harbour has been an economical center since its creation in the 11th century. At that time it was used for the trade of salt considered as a “white gold” and which is a wealth for the region. Ships coming from everywhere called at this harbour. But the Gironde Estuary silted up little by little. The situation became more and more difficult during the revolutionary period when the tide mill which is used to drive the muddy deposit away is sold and stopped all its activity.
From this date big ships can’t reach the harbour and the trade collapses. "Ribérou" is a fishing port and yachting harbour as well. It is also a base for water sports (canoe-kayak). Its length is about 250 m / 40 m. In 2011 a project for taking advantage of the site was brought into play by the town.

They lay the foundation stone in 1888 at the thermal baths through the impetus given by Mr Dubois who was a specialist for nervous illness. The building is composed of a neoclassic front with eight stone columns. It was inspired by the temples from Antiquity. Some extensions have changed the structure and given the present appearence.


saujon en charente maritime

Mairie de Saujon
1, place Gaston Balande BP 108
17600 Saujon
Phone number: 05 46 02 80 07

Office de tourisme de Saujon
Place Général de Gaulle
17600 Saujon
Phone number: 05 46 02 83 77


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