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Our Charente Maritime...

phare de cordouna

If you want to try to place our Charente Maritime, just have a look on the upper part of a mouth represented by Bordeaux area and somewhere under a nose represented by Britany. My Charente Maritime is made of a surprising patchwork full of both modernism and pure 1940s style.
• The numerous possibilities of accommodation which are modern and varied take advantage of the historic sites such as the beauty spots in La Rochelle, Rochefort, Saintes, Brouage...
• With 480 km of coast you will discover vast sandy beaches and more romantic inlets which are bordered with maritime pines, harbours and lighthouses. The most famous is Cordouan said to be “the king of the lighthouses” or “the kings’lighthouse”.
• The industry has a lot to do with the sea in the harbours where you will meet the fishermen, oyster farmers or mussels breeders as well working in the ”cabanes” (sort of shack) . You will be invited to taste oysters or mussels. Moreover you will meet there some yachtmen who enjoy sailing around Fort Boyard or between the Isles : Ré, Madame, Oléron...

• The high tech industry which works for shipbuilding, water sports, aviation, rails and even space industry is present.
• According to the season the traditional agriculture will be an opportunity to taste early asparagus, potatoes, melons, all sorts of specialities such as “grillons” “mojhettes” (sort of beans) “cagouilles” (snails) “jonchée” a round and flat cake with angelica, and of course... the local wines, “Pineau” and “Cognac” (in moderation !) When you go to the market , take a large bag ! You will feel like buying everything...


But let’s go back to your holidays in this marvellous Charente Maritime. It’s posible to come with your family or friends for a week end or a long time... either because of the sea or the wild nature...

It takes all sorts to make a world ! You can go for a walk, ride a horse, cycle, lounge on the beach, attend festivals, visit museums, have a bath, go sailing ... And if you like being in the middle of nowhere you could become
• a good botanist in the woods or in the country
• a roving photography enthousiast in the swamps or the undergrowth
• an archaeologist or a great historian about Compostella or the Roman Empire.

In any case you will be interested in my Charente Maritime and enjoy it ! You will feel like coming again to discover it and satisfy your desire...


Around Royan (Le Pays Royannais)

phare de cordouna

Choose Royan area with its large sandy beaches. A rocky or sandy coast, little creeks bordered with rocks, beautiful pine forests follow one another along the Atlantic Ocean which is more and more attractive with its movements, its changing colours.

Royan is a well-known seaside resort. You will enjoy its modern and varied architecture with the villas built during the “Belle Epoque” and the houses built in the fifties, “Notre Dame” Church, the lighthouse in Cordouan. You will discover the story of the town and region at the museum.

In this region you can also have a lot of fun, relax, or do sports : a golf course, tree climbing, cycle tracks, a yachting harbour, a thalassatherapy center, a casino, a tourist train, markets are waiting for you .... (Most of the towns in this area offer a market)

Children are not forgotten. A lot of themes are suggested and one of them will surely enjoy them : Les jardins du monde (gardens around the world) the Zoo in La Palmyre, La Cité de l’huître (the city of the oyster) the Castles, Fort Boyard, the caves...


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